• Alejandra Bautista

C2E2 2017.

I wanted to attend  C2E2 since forever, but my antisocial ways wouldn’t let me. This year my niece took pity on me and invited me. I attended on my birthday, since I’m not getting any younger I decided to face my fears. I mean Disney had prepared me for this right? How bad could it be? There was a huge crowd but I managed to control my anxiety and I survived!!


I decided to wear a costume like two weeks before, I procrastinate like I get paid, no kidding. Took me another week to start sewing, I had big plans you know but I had to settle for vintage Cat Woman. I used this glittery knit fabric that was super thin, I had  lined the whole thing. I also used my first PDF pattern by Mimi G, don’t tell her she might think I disrespected her pattern..😂 Available  Here. 

This pattern was super easy, took me longer to tape the pages together. I installed the zipper on the back instead of the front, something I regretted on my first trip to the restroom, and I also changed  the neckline. Next time I’ll take better pictures since all I see is my donut belly. Something that could have been easily fixed by using compression mesh as lining. Next time I’ll sew this pattern the way it was intended to.


I can’t see my waist but I can see Captain America!


Can’t leave without a picture of Solo in Carbonite!

The Artist Alley was my favorite part of the convention. There were so many awesome Cosplayers and a huge selection of Comic Books. I just might return next year.

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