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Quick & Easy Sewing Projects.

Hi there! Let me tell you about the instant gratification of a quick sewing project. I used to think that I have to sew something worthy of my time, that I must show progress on my sewing skills every project that I made. I soon realized that this mentality was ruining the joy of sewing. I want to sew because it’s fun not because I want to prove anything to myself. Let’s think this for a minute who is watching me this closely? No-one other than yourself. I gave myself permission to sew easy things, not only for my own happiness but also because these easy projects are the ones I wore the most.

I’m sew super slow so it has taking me a long time to master the quick project. This is what I do: Choose a pattern you have tried before, I think this is also called a TNT tried and true. You have had altered the pattern if needed and you already know what changes you need to make before cutting the actual fabric. Like shortening or adding length, or doing a full bust adjustment, I’m actually glad I don’t have to worry about the latter. When you already have the fit figured out all you have to do is cut and sew. You can also finish the seams with a serger or pinking shears before sewing the whole thing. You can also pick a pattern that is loose fitting, if is to big you can always make it smaller.

Exhibit A McCall’s 7630.

This is a pullover top with no darts. I cut the fabric super quick and I put it away. I came back to it 2 days later. I serged all the pieces and sew everything together in less than an hour. I picked view B the easiest, I omitted the pockets only because I was working with about 3/4 of a yard of fabric. I should mention that this is also a great way to use your left over fabric from other projects. I originally use this silky woven for a dress I made for my sister a couple of years ago. This view is pretty short but I like it with high waisted jeans, don't forget to add length if this is not your thing. 

Exhibit B: New Look 6378.

My second project is this cute kimono perfect for a chilly spring day. This took almost two hours because it was still new. I cut the tissue and the fabric early morning, I came back to it after I cleaned the house and ran some errands. I used this beautiful chiffon I bought in L.A about 3 years ago. This fabric as you might already know is pretty slippery so I cut it very slow. I heard some people use starch or gelatin but I’m too lazy for that. The sleeves are sewn using the flat method, per the instructions, and the edges are finish with double bias tape. This is view B and requires less than 2 yards of fabric. This is also a great fabric stash buster.

I already started another quick project while working on something else. I like to do that sometimes to keep me motivated. I you have any tips or any pattern recommendations let me know. Until next time..😘

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